what is abstract of judgment in a title of a home?


what is abstract of judgment in a title of a home?


When you see an “abstract of judgment” recorded, that indicates that a court has awarded a judgment and the homeowner was named on that judgment. It could be that they owe $$ or possibly have been awarded a monetary judgment. Read the abstract of judgment carefully and you’ll see who the prevailing party is + amount. Most common is a credit card default w a court award in favor of the credit card company. If the judgment is owed by the homeowner, this would be like any other lien against the property.


Judgments in California expire after 10 years if they are not renewed. Check for that. Additionally, the debtor/borrower could have discharged it in bankruptcy, so check PACER as well. Additionally, you can phone the creditor and see if it has been satisfied. Often when I do collection work, I record in multiple counties. That means the creditor could have satisfied the judgment with another sale but neglected to record a satisfaction of judgment.