where is the title company?

I bought a house from auction, and got the trustee’s deed and had it recorded in county recorder’s office. my question is: is now the house’s title under my name? had it recorded in titlke company? but where and when does it recorded?


Official document recordings are made down at the County Recorder’s Office (county wherein the property is located). And it sounds like you have already completed that step? The trustees deed upon sale (TDUS) will show how you opted to take “vest” title (e.g. George Jetson and Jane Jetson). The TDUS will be recorded on the date you brought it down to the recorder’s office. You said above “I got the trustee’s deed and had it recorded in the county recorder’s office.” There is no need for a title company to get involved in any further recordation.

If you want verification that the recorder’s office did their job, you can check online in a few days and you’ll see a trustees deed recorded … Look under grantor/grantee index and search under your last name (name you opted to vest) and you should find it as the most recent recording.