who does tittle search before buying at auction ? It seems so daunting to find the info. I must be d

do most pple get tittle search prior to bidding at auction ? or do they just trust the info in forclosure radar to be accurate ? The tttle research is very tedious and would take forever on say 50 potential props …

If you have read our disclaimer you should know that we strongly recommend verifying title and not relying on us as “accurate”. Note that even if we are accurate on the info we do provide, we make no attempt to look for involuntary liens or other things that may also affect title. We provide an excellent set of tools for narrowing your list, and reducing the work necessary to bid, but you must still research title, or be willing to take significant risk.

Most professional investors have a have a great relationship with title officer/Company, such as First American Title Co.& First American National Default Services. The title officer and staff will usually help with pre-trustee sale research such as property profiles, liens of records, as well as assisting in issuance of a preliminary title report after your trustee sale purchase for that quick flip/sale. Good Luck!