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Has anyone used Zillow Rentals to obtain tenants?

Zillow is pushing more into rental real estate with its Zillow Rental Manager. I’m curious to know if any landlords have tried the service yet? Marketing, application, background and leaseup docs included even drawn up by local law firms. The platform even processes payments allowing Zillow to, in essence, be the only tool you’d need to manage.

There is no mention fo cost on the website. Curious to know if any of you have tried the services?


My son used it recently to find a rental - so I know of one :rofl:

He’s 20 and was super simple for him to use on his own.

My 18yo just rented a place in another state and was able to take care of everything on his own as well.

I’m stoked that these apps have made it so simple that Mom and Dad don’t have to get involved! (Although I still reviewed the lease agreement - can’t help myself.)

I know some investors who like to flip to ibuyers, they chase the deals the fit their “buy box” but that have tenant or owner issues. They dejunk and wholesale. They were sad during Covid-19 to see them go for a bit. Haven’t heard of anyone looking at Zillow for this service. Looks better for accidental landlords.

Hi, @aaronnorris I am advertising a courtesy rental for a client on the Z platform now. No one has completed the full process yet. There is no cost to the landlord for screening, just the applicant for the $29 rental fee. They offer to create for free the lease or you can upload your own. As for collecting rent payments, it is free for the landlord and if the tenant uses ACH it is free for them as well. According to the site, Tenants will pay a 2.95% fee when using a credit card and a $9.95 convenience fee for debit payments. Of course, this is all as of today’s date. Who knows what it will be later.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @ChristinaHood - can’t wait to see how this evolves. Sometimes tech teases with “free.” When things are free, you know the saying: YOU’RE the product. I haven’t heard many investors using this just yet.