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iBuyers trends and strategy in 2021 with Stefan Peterson, Zavvie

Join us Thursday, February 11 at 9 am PDT for the YouTube Premiere of this episode of the Data Driven Real Estate Podcast and chat along with the PropertyRadar team:

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Stefan Peterson is COO and Co-Founder of Zavvie, the brokerage source for a complete iBuyer strategy. Zavvie curates offers from ibuyers, bridge, renovation, and rental home investor buyers so brokers and agents can present a number of options to clients. In this week’s episode, Aaron and Stefan discuss how the ibuyer game has changed, how Covid has changed offers, which markets they operate in and why, the pain points proptech companies are solving, the business models of each different proptech segment, and how agents can leverage these offers with clients.

Prior to Zavvie, Stefan worked as the COO of 8z Real Estate (2012-2016), VP of Operations for zipRealty (2000-2012), and a volunteer in the MBA Enterprise Corps (1998-2000). He graduated from the US Air Force Academy (1990) and served as a counterintelligence officer. He lives with his family in Boulder, CO where he enjoys competitive endurance sports including running and cycling. You will often see Stefan in workout clothes as he probably just got back from a run at lunch or rode his bike to work that day!

Main Topics/Questions:

  • Who/what is Zavvie?
  • What is an ibuyer?
  • Bridge, ibuyer, SFR buyer, vs. renovation buyer
  • What are the problems ibuyer is trying to solve?
  • Who are the serious ibuyer players in the space?
  • How does the offer work and how does it appear in public records?
  • Are ibuyers a true replacement for Main Street real estate investors? Are they flippers?
  • Will ibuyers buy anything?
  • What are you seeing in the data on offers? Are some brands more aggressive? Types of inventory?
  • Looking at proptech ibuyers vs. Realtor brands launching into the space, who is a standout?
  • What are other options being presented?
  • Ibuyers have opening acknowledged losing money? Are they viable?
  • What is verticle integration and how are ibuying brands making money?
  • What do you see for 2021?