How come city totals differ from zip code data sumed up?

For example:

I researched Cathedral City, CA. For the cities I got 199 NOD’s, 267 Auctions, 157 Bank Owned, 28 Sold to Third and 142 Cancelled.

Then I searched zip codes in Cathedral City (92234 & 92235) and the totals I got were 209 NOD’s, 274 Auctions, 158 Bank Owned, 28 Sold to Third and 143 Cancelled.

As you can see the numbers arent off by a lot but I am wondering how there’s a discrepency.

Any help & information is very much appreciated! Thanks!

Have not checked your City, but in most areas, many of the Zip codes cross the city boundaries. For example, Culver City has two main Zip codes, but includes parts of seven others.

Hi Candice,
It may have something to do with the information in public records. There could be properties in public record that do not have a zip code. Land and some commercial properties may not even have a street address. We even have properties in our system with a APN that show up in public records as unknown city or unknown street. This would account for the slight discrepancy in your totals when you search by different parameters.