property showed cancelled on website


? 1/29/09 2249 N. Mendonca Visalia, CA Tulare County showed cancelled. I showed up to the auction for another property anyway, and Mendonca went to auction… i bought it. How did this happen? why would your website show cancelled when it wasnt? i want to figure this out because normally i would just assume it is cancelled and not show up, but this has me a little nervous now.


I haven’t looked at this specific property? - I’ll ask my research folks to investigate.
Do keep in mind that we are tracking 57,605 active auction properties at this moment. We work really hard to always have accurate info, but mistakes happen… at the trustee, at the posting and publishing companies, by auctioneers, and by us. Most of the old time auction buyers are amazed at the job we do, but I certainly won’t claim that it is perfect.


Brent - did you pull the property up? My research folks say that there were two notices filed on that loan - 1 of which the trustee cancelled, and the other of which sold. We tracked both.
This isn’t an uncommon situation as trustees do file incorrect notices and then refile them. We cancel the old notice to avoid confusion.
If you were using version 2 of our app you should have easily seen both and been aware that it was still scheduled. One of the many reasons version 1 is awful compared to version 2.


sean, ? ?i was using version 2… and that was not a knock against you guys, i think you do an awesome job, i was just wondering what happened. i will look back and see if i can see what happened. ? thanks,


Certainly didn’t take it as a knock. And we never have an issue with folks pointing out problems, as we like to look for causes and fix them when we can. Still it is important for folks to understand that we aren’t perfect. Whether by the trustee, at the county, by the auctioneer or ourselves, mistakes will be made, and records occasionally missed. ? Thanks,Sean