How do I use Foreclosure Radar to get an approval of the list price on our SS listing?

I have a Short Sale listing and I am seeing in the Foreclosure Radar ads that there is a way to use FR to get an approval on the purchase price. Thanks for your response.

Hi Michele,
We suggest using the Foreclosure Comp Report (use a radius search around the subject and then under print select the Foreclosure Comp Report). This report will allow you to show the lender the recent Bank Owned properties with the winning bids and discounts taken at the trustee sale as well as a list of the active Preforeclosures and a list of properties with active sale dates. This is great information to show the foreclosure activity in an area that may impact the value over the next 9 months. If you do a radius search and there are 400 properties in the area that are in foreclosure that tells you a lot about the future of that market.