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How May I Get More Leads From Door Flyers... Less rejection at door. Newby agent

I am a newby in this business after losing my job after 37 years in the pest business. I can relate to the current homeowner crisis as I am currently trying to get a modification and in default as well. My questions are as follows and any help will be REALLY appreciated. I guess the most asked question would be, how do i get more responses from leaving flyers on doors and even at the door. i am out afternoons and evenings up to 6:30. most people still aren’t home. i have or had 7 in escrow, two fell thru, paid on one, with 4 remaining. i work also for a cash for keys company. i have knocked on over 2000 doors. are my results in line. i have only a handful of inquires off the flyers, and wondering if that is the problem or what. iam trying to find the in and outs of this site. any possible ideas. i am working in san mateo and alameda counties… thanks in advance… rick

HI Rick,
It is hard for us to comment without knowing what you are leaving on your flyers. You may want to check out some ideas at