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How the pandemic is affecting real estate in 2020 and why you need to understand reflation DDRE #2

We’ve been getting so much feedback on the request of Sean to dive deeper into the foreclosure market and why he’s disappeared off the speaking scene in 2016, episode two is going to explore Sean’s predictions in 2016. What did he get right? Wrong? And what does he see in 2020?

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Pre-Show Questions

We won’t always get to all of these questions but it’s where we start curating what we’d like to discuss. Please make sure you chime in.

  • Sean stopped speaking in 2016. Why?
  • What were the three trends you were watching in 2016 and do they still concern you?
  • Is this a new real estate bubble? Is it bigger than that?
  • What economists and thought leaders do you like/follow?
  • Are we going to experience a downturn?
  • Is real estate a haven from a financial crash this time?
  • Black Swan vs. Gray Rhino?
  • Will the Fed keep pumping dollars to save the economy?
  • What’s the difference between reflation and deflation and inflation?
  • Can you have hyperlocal booms and busts? (Sacramento vs. San Francisco)
  • Looking at the 4 D’s of pandemic disruption in real estate, let’s dig into each one and give me an example of a strategy you think people might not be thinking about.
  • Distraction – will it really go away or have we been dealing with increasing distraction because of technology?
  • Distanced – I’ve heard it called the Great Reassessment-where people are rethinking their urban existence – how do you see Main Street positioning to win?
  • Demand shocked – what are some of the trends in demand you’re seeing. What will stay? What will rebound?
  • Dislocations are a big concern. As we look at how states are approaching regulations around foreclosures, should real estate investors be worried that states overreaching could impact credit availability in the future?
  • Will foreclosures explode in the coming months?
  • What about the old D’s of real estate (death, disease, drugs, divorce, and denial), how are those impacted?
  • Are there additional black wans or gray rhinos you’re worried about at the moment?
  • What are the long-term impacts of reflation?
  • What is DUCA?
  • What is hyperlocal marketing
  • What’s new with PropertyRadar?

Working on show notes for Thursday release. The video will feature the charts but here are a few that are metioned in the show.

@aaronnorris What do you think of this chart?

Looks like chart supports Sean’s comments on the redistribution of wealth as a way state and local governments will have to handle the recessions.