How to set critera to reflect a specific bank or serving company.

Looking a NOD for a specific Bank (holder of the note). Please provide instructions on how to obtain NOD data for specific banking or financial company.

If you are using ForeclosureRadar it is easy to see the current servicer on the Notice of Default or the Notice of Trustee Sale. You can search by the lender name in the search bar under the foreclosure tab. If you type in the lender name you will see all NOD’s filed by that lender in your search area. You can also sort your search results by lender name. If you click on the top of the column that will alphabetize the lender list so that you can see all lenders that are currently foreclosing in your area.
If you are not a subscriber to ForeclosureRadar you would need to look up each property in default and get a copy of the Notice of Default from the County Recorders website or by contacting your local title company. Your local title company can provide you with copies of NOD’s on specific properties but due to recent legislation in CA they cannot provide you with a foreclosure list.