Lender and Trustee are a third party doc processing company, how can I find the actual trustee/servicing company?


The?lender and trustee?listed for the?bank owned house?I am interested in is a third party document processing company, and they claim they cannot give information out about their “investors” who foreclosed on the property. The tenants just moved out this past weekend, so now the house is vacant, but no listing found anywhere yet.??? should there be some sort of contact information posted at the vacant house?


This is a common challenge. I find that when I call they typically tell me to pound sand as well. My assistant though has had really good luck connecting with trustees and servicing companies to get through to the asset manager handling the file. I suppose she has a nicer voice or personality.
You may also want to take a look at the title documents. You can often find clues in the Deed of Trust, Assignments, Trustees deed, or the Foreclosure Notices themselves.
Finally check out the Lane Guide. It can be a good source for contact information at lenders. We have integrated links to their service from the lender and trustee names in our system, and they offer ForeclosureRadar.com users a special rate (you’ll find it by using those links in our system).