Looking to upgrade my computer - what should I get?

My daughter bought a new laptop for school and I was using it to help her with Excel and realized how old and slow my computer is.

She bought a new 13" MacBook Pro which is out of my budget - and I’m a Windows user. Any recommendations on what will work best with PropertyRadar?

I’ve been using a desktop and still have windoes 7 but would really like a laptop to take with me.

PropertyRadar is a web app so you don’t need a super-powered computer. That said, any new computer that has a good processor, at least 8mb of RAM, and a decent display will work fine.

Windows 7 is OLD. And SLOW. So just by upgrading to Windows 10 and a computer manufactured in the last year will be a HUGE improvement.

What is your budget?

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Now I’m willing to spend up to $2,000. Whole family being on lockdown during Covid means I can no longer stand computer. Not sure if its because we’re all on the internet at the same time but things are slow. Part of my problem is a I have an iphone and then I do use PC for other work stuff. I can’t get rid of that. I only run office products - not a gamer so probably don’t need anything too expensive, right?

A MacBook Pro 13" with 512GB storage is perfect and $1,499. And $$$ left over to buy a nice 4k monitor to plug it into. If you have an iPhone you will love the tight integration between the two.

If PC I’m not much help. My friend has a Lenovo - ThinkPad X395 13.3" Touch-Screen Laptop - 512GB and it works great. Dell has a similar option at the same price.

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