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I am new to Pacer. I signed up for an account, but I I start surfing around, I get this messages below…Does this mean I am commiting some offense if I click the next link? I am not an attorney or a firm.

This facility is for Official Court Business only. Activity to and from this site is logged. Document filings on this system are subject to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11. Evidence of unauthorized or criminal activity will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement officials.

Welcome to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California Electronic Document Filing System. This page is for use by attorneys and firms participating in the electronic filing system. The most recent version of the Adobe PDF reader can be obtained by selecting the PDF Settings option listed below.

Pacer performs many functions.
What those of us here want to do is look at Court records - usually the Bankruptcy Court. These are the same records the public can look at by physically going to the Court. Anyone can do that. I have used it for years and never noticed the disclaimers - but they may be there. It just sounds like you are being warned not to make illegal use of the info.
OTH - maybe you somehow got into the section where attorneys file documents electronically and the warning appears there.
There is no worry. Many investors use Pacer to abstract info. They almost always warn you how many pages you will be charged for as you start doing searches
The cost is very low per page. If your billing is under a certain amount ($10?) per month? quarter? you don’t get billed.