Real estate attorney with expertise re CA trustee sales

Can anyone here recommend a good real estate attorney with extensive experience regarding trustee sales in CA (e.g., possible challenges to an alleged bona fide purchaser for value)?

Do auction buyers here only use an attorney when a legal dispute arises after a purchase (which I hope would occur fairly infrequently), or does anyone here involve an attorney as a routine practice in connection with their purchases?

You can check for an attorney in the ForeclosureRadar Marketplace.
I don’t know anyone that uses an attorney when buying at trustee sale unless there is some legal issue.

What County are you in? No point in hiring an expert in Fresno if the problem is in LA or the Bay Area.

Michelle, thanks, I’d seen that list and thought I might also get some recommendations (either about people on that list or other attorneys). Miketh, an attorney in the SF Bay Area would be preferable other things being equal, but if the laws and procedures relating to trustee sales are the same throughout CA, perhaps I could speak with an attorney in any location.

Only in legal disputes. Sometimes if its the occupants filing BK over and over, or after the purchase a neighbor once moved the fence way over a property line. Worst was a random company called the trustee and said they were the new owner, managed to get on title, and started charging rent to the occupant. Took a year to fix with an attourney, and wound up having problems explaining the transfers to UW during the after flip sale.

I could give you the names of several attorneys who have many years of experience. Most I know are in Alameda County, but I know a couple in SF and S. Jose. You’d want someone local since you wouldn’t want to pay atty time to travel from S. Jose to Okld. or vice-versa. I don’t know what the policy is, here on FR, about giving out names. If there is no objection by Sean or Michelle, I’ll post at least 3 names.

My email for casual contact is:

Hi Miketh, You are welcome to post the names of the attorneys. Thanks so much for checking. We appreciate all of the insight and expertise that you share on these forums.

OK - Two names for now in Alameda County.

Chris Hanson - in City of Alameda 510-521-9181 Worked at title company while going to law school. Handles all kinds of RE law incl. representing fcl. buyers. He has a web site, don’t have uRL handy. He is a bull dog.

Dena Thaler - (My Ex-wife) In Oakland 510-465-8782 Because she has been around for decades, knows this field as well as anyone. Her fortee is representing foreclosing creditors in Bk. Ct. and dealing with complex foreclosure issues. She has made law (published cases) in both State and Federal Court. You can look them up via Google. (Eg. Baron v. Colonial - dealing with a Trustee that declined certain checks Thaler v. Household - dealing with the lack of priority of HOA liens A couple of Federal cases involving IRS tax liens and their right (or lack thereof) of redemption. Can’t recall the exact names.

In Fresno - David Fike My son in Freson has been involved in a couple, heavy BFP cases. He uses Mr. Fike. I don’t have his number handy. He seems to handle more than just situations related to foreclosures.

I’ll create an up to date list. My problem is that I’ve been around so long that most of my contemporaries had more sense than I - and have retired.