Tracking a pre foreclosure in Washington state

Washington state does not require that notices of default to be recorded with the county clerk. I am interested in a house that did not sell as a short sale. I know with 100% certainty that the owners have moved out WANT the house to be foreclosed. This is a strategic default for them. The owners were very kind and will let me know when they receive the notice of trustee sale (which is recorded), but I am anxious to see the whole process progress. Is there any way to know the status of default/delinquency of a property in Washington state?

Hi Bob,
You can see the outline of the whole Washington Foreclosure process by going to The public notification in WA starts with the recording of the Notice of Trustee Sale. The Notice of Default does not have to be recorded in WA. There is no way to contact the lender to inquire about the delinquency without the written approval from the homeowner. This is a credit account and they cannot give information to a 3rd party without this written consent.