Where can I find notice of Trustee sale?

From what I understand, the trustee must post a legal notice in the local or legal publication for a period of time before the NOD is recorded with the county recorder. What specific publications would I find these Notice of Trustee Sale in the San Jose Area? Are there a large number of them? Is there one central publication?

Also, what is the period of time that the NOD is normally advertised in a publication before it is recorded at the county?

Any insights appreciated.

Foreclosure Notices are required to be posted on the property, published in the local press, and recorded at the county. Common publications that would have notices in the San Jose area would be the SJ Mercury and the Business Journal. Gathering notices directly from the publications is very difficult as many publications qualify. The recorders office, or a service like ours that gathers them from the recorders office is your best bet.
As for the time frame for publication, civil code 2924 says this: “a copy of the notice of
default shall be published once a week for at least four weeks in a
newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the property
is situated, the publication to commence within 10 business days
after the filing of the notice of default”