Notice of Default (NOD) record missing

Do the reports from not include the NOD record/date? I’m looking at the reports and they will show a property in the Auction stage but no NOD is ever listed. Or am I missing something?


-Assignment 10/9/2010
-NTS 10/9/2010

Thank you

Hi Pete,
The laws vary in each state. In Arizona that Notice of Default is not recorded so the foreclosure process officially starts with the recording of the Notice of Trustee Sale. For a complete outline of the Arizona foreclosure process go to

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I’ve found a great resource that links directly to the document via the <a href="">Daily Phoenix Foreclosure listings</a> provided for each property … It’s truly a time saver and extremely valuable resource.

They say they charge 79$ for the list, but just register and u get the list for free! :wink: