what is the meaning of "?" in the "#" column of the transaction history ? is this loan paid-off

Does this mean this loan is paid off ? How do we find out if this loan is paid off or the owner has refinanced ?

Hi shkl,
You can take a look at the transaction history in the property profile to see the loans on a property. We use a computer model to determine lien position. The ? would be your trigger to look for a reconveyance or a subordination and verify the loan has been paid off. We will show the loan that the foreclosure notice is attached to but you will always want to verify the lien position prior to bidding on a loan. We do not track reconveyances or subordination nor do we track mechanics liens. You can do this at your local county recorders office or by contacting your local title company.
We do provide a transaction history which includes Grant Deeds, Deeds of Trust and foreclosure notices. When available we also provide the link to the county Grantor/Grantee index so that you can search for reconveyances, subordinations and IRS liens. We also provide the link to the County Assessor where you can check for past due property taxes.

You will find other valuable resources within the transaction history. You have the ability to purchase document images and customize the transaction history to show the results of your research. Additionally we provide a check list so that you can keep track of your research.

We have a great recorded webinar on title research. To view the recorded versions of our webinars please click on “Webinars” under the Support and Training tab on our home page. You will then scroll to the bottom of the page to see the previously recorded webinars that we have on file. You can also register for our free webinars and view the recorded version by clicking on the following link: https://www.foreclosureradar.com/webinars.

We also have a great video on what happens at a trustee sale.