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California Real Estate Trends with Bruce Norris DDRE #3

Bruce Norris was one of the few prognosticators in 2006 warning real estate investors to get out of California. His 2006 report, “The California Crash,” helped many investors get out of harm’s way and others that didn’t listen, wishing they did. So what’s his take on the pandemic? In his February report, Turmoil, he was sharing with investors he was already uncomfortable with the current state of affairs in California and perhaps it was wise to rethink going all-in in California. What’s new, what’s next, and is it true Bruce is moving to Florida?!

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Pre-Show Questions

We won’t always get to all of these questions but it’s where we start curating what we’d like to discuss. Please make sure you chime in. What would you like to know?

  • 2017: “2% Interest Rates, $40 Trillion in Debt, and Other Surprise Endings” - what were you looking at making you think the Fed would lower rates and what were you sharing with investors?
  • “Turmoil” - In a pre-Covid real estate market, what were you warning investors was/is coming?
  • What are some of the key charts you look at to know where you’re at in the market (Sean and Bruce don’t always agree!)
  • You’re a high school graduate that’s become known for market timing - why do you do it?
  • How and why did you land in Florida? Is it true you’re moving there?
  • Why real estate?
  • If you had to start over again, how would you start?
  • Is it a good time to be in real estate?

Bruce Norris is an active investor, hard money lender, and real estate educator with over 35 years of experience. Bruce has been involved in thousands of real estate transactions as a buyer, seller, builder, and money partner. Bruce is best known for his long-term market timing trends including his “California Comeback” report in 1997 predicting California’s real estate boom and his January 2006 release, “The California Crash,” predicting the foreclosure meltdown. You can catch him speaking and debating nationally as well as catching his award-winning real estate radio show where he interviews world-renowned economists, government leaders, association presidents, and local experts. Bruce also hosts the series, I Survived Real Estate, which has raised nearly $1 million for charity since the event launched in 2008. He was awarded the 2018 Educator of the Year by Think Realty.

I’m really looking forward to interviewing Bruce. He’s interviewed me numerous times on his radio show and podcast, not to mention during panels for I Survived Real Estate. Finally the tables are turned and I get to be the one asking the questions. Really looking forward to this. :slight_smile:

Am I mistaken or is it the affordability charts that you guys disagree on?

Ha ha, Aaron, that’s an old debate, not sure if we still disagree or not. :thinking:

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