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Data and Operations in the Flipping Business with Tarl Yarber DDRE11

Join us Thursday, September 10 at 9 am PDT for the YouTube Premiere of this episode of the Data Driven Real Estate Podcast and chat along with the PropertyRadar team:

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Tarl Yarber is the CEO and founder of Fixated Real Estate LLC, a Pacific Northwest investment company with over $50MM in single-family residential properties purchased, rehabbed, and re-sold over the past seven years. Tarl founded the PNW Big Badass Real Estate Wealth Expo and the number one Pacific Northwest Meetup for real estate investors. He’s become passionate about helping the next generation of investors get more sophisticated in understanding the power of data and systems in business.

Main Topics/Questions:

  • Your introduction to real estate
  • Financial planners? Military? What skills did you bring to the business?
  • You $100k whole paycheck and how it changed your life
  • How did you get started with no money?
  • Where are you sourcing your deals?
  • What markets are you active in?
  • How big is your team?
  • How is it possible to do volume with so few people? (hint: systems)
  • What are systems?
  • What KPIs and metrics are important in your business?
  • Has access to data gotten easier?
  • What are your sources for data?
  • Have they changed?
  • What data is the consumer looking at when selling their home? Number of contacts? Someone local? Corporate vs Main Street?
  • Any technology that has really helped your business? Make sense of the data?
  • What are the mistakes you see beginners make?
  • What stops smaller Main Street real estate investors from growth?
  • Wholesale vs. flipping - what is your current mix? Has it changed?
  • Wholesale? What are the myths vs. reality?
  • What data do you look at to define markets you’ll enter?
  • What data are you look at in your marketing? Any favorite channels in 2020?
  • BRRRR - Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat - as prices have increased, is this still a leading strategy?
  • How has your strategy changed since 2016? Has your rehabs changes? Target house?
  • How important is hyperlocal marketing and knowledge in your business?
  • Does the local investor have an advantage over out-of-state investors?
  • You have a small team? How is that possible with volume?
  • For people looking to get into real estate, where would you start?

Articles of Interest

I just say this. Looks like I missed the Bad Ass Show. Is this something they do every year? -Marvin

Not sure about every year but I just checked the website. It looks like you can purchase the recordings from the live event. I just emailed Tarl to see if it’s something he plans to do again next year.