has anybody done any short sales with Met Life. They are the worst

Met Life Short sales? I heard they are going out of business. I have had no luck with them . any help would be awesome,

I am wondering if you have any executive contact numbers for met life? I am currently scouring the internet for any information I can find on met Life. I have been try to short sale my home for almost 1 year and haven’t had an approval or denial from met Life. I only have till the end of this week before my buyer (the 2nd one) walks away. My home will and should be in forclosure any time now and I am extremely frustrated with met life. any direction you could lead me in would be appreciated.
thanks again,
Chrissy Carmona

HI Chrissy,
Try these numbers:
Loss Mitigation Department # 1-888-638-6964 ext # 33805
or # 1-800-364-7662
Fax #1-214-441-4594
or Fax # 1-214-441-6032
or Fax # 1-214-441-7390
or Fax # 1-214-441-7382
Address: Loss Mitigation Dept.
4000 Horizon Way #6207
Irving TX 75063

Met Life is unbelievable bad…top on my list of lenders to never work with.