how can I quickly find out who bought auctioned house?

I made a short sale offer on a San Diego County house, which was not approved by the bank in time to stop the auction. At auction, it was snapped up for much less than I had offered. Now I would like to find the buyer and if this is a flipper/investor, investigate if it is possible to buy the house from him. Within a few days of an auction, what records might I search to find the buyer’s name and contact information?

In Auction Tracker, it only shows “SOLD TO 3rd” without revealing identity of that new owner. How do I track down who this is?

I’d recommend going to the auction and asking the auctioneer. Typically the same auctioneer handles the sales each day for a particular time and location. If the buyer was a regular the auctioneer might be able to introduce you on the spot. Otherwise you will need to wait for the trustees deed to be recorded at the county. This typically appears at the county 2-4 weeks after the sale.