NOD's that are already listed

I am very careful to make sure that I only search Radar NODs that are supposedly unlisted, before I actually drive to the house & door knock.
This weekend, 10 out of the18 NODs that I pulled from Radar, & drove to, turned out to be listed, with signs already in the yard.
All those houses subsequently proved to be on the Bakersfield MLS.
Is there anything Foreclosure Radar can do to improve their search engine parameters, without my having to search every NOD on the MLS, as well as Radar?
Ten out of 18 is a lot of wasted time & miles, & this seems to be happening more & more.

Harry - the issue here isn’t with our “search engine”. We do allow you to both search and sort by whether properties are listed or not.

The real problem is that we don’t get very good listing data in many areas, and therefore don’t have every listed property in all the areas we cover - in the worst areas we have no listing data at all. It appears this may be the problem in your area. Unfortunately many MLS’s limit access to listings data, making getting a complete set of listed properties very difficult.

If you can help us work with your local MLS to get better listings data in ForeclosureRadar we’d appreciate it.