Why are some properties that are in foreclosure not listed on ForeclosureRadar?

15502 Ermanita Ave., Gardena CA 90742 is in foreclosure, but like many foreclosure properties, it’s not listed on ForeclosreRadar. Can such properties somehow be added and accessed?

Hi Phillip,

We do show foreclosure activity on that property. Be sure to watch the “Single Property Search” tutorial, as it can be difficult to find individual properties, especially when the foreclosure has been cancelled. Also, if you ever think we are missing something, be sure to contact support, as they’d be happy to research it for you. I won’t claim we are perfect, but we do find that most of these are due to user error or a misunderstanding of what we do, and do not track. If it is an error, we’ll promptly fix it so you can access it.


Hi Phillip.
This property had a trustee sale date but the sale date was canceled so the status of this property is C-Canceled. When searching for a single property you will want to make sure to check all statuses and include historical records. This property has not had an active sale date since January of 2012.
Sean is absolutely correct. If you cannot find a property please send us an email to support@foreclosureradar.com and we are always happy to help.