Why does Foreclosure Radar show a Property as "Unlisted For Sale" when indeed its "Listed For Sale"?

Apparently your Listed/Unlisted Filter is NOT WORKING properly for San Diego County, why is that? Several properties I researched are listed when in fact we ran the “Not-Listed” Filter.

Checking on Listed/Not-Listed Filter

As noted in the product we rely on a third party for listing data so it may not represent exactly what is in the MLS at any given moment. If you’ve followed this issue in the press at all, you may have some idea of the major battles around access to MLS data - overall MLS organization closely guard this data making it difficult, if not impossible, to build solutions around it.
Overall our goal with offering the filter is to help eliminate (or focus on) as many listed properties as we have access to. It won’t be perfect, but its a heck of a lot better than no filter at all and will save you time vs not having it at all.
Hope that helps explain it.