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Real Estate Marketing with Dawn Perry, Realogy #DDRE35

Join us Thursday, February 25 at 9 am PDT for the YouTube Premiere of this episode of the Data Driven Real Estate Podcast and chat along with the PropertyRadar team:

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Dawn Perry, a highly experienced marketing strategist and brand advocate, serves as Senior Vice President of Cross Brand Strategic Marketing at Realogy Holdings Corp, tasked with leading cross brand marketing initiatives for Realogy including the integration of marketing, communication, brand advertising and other strategic partnerships across the Realogy family of brands.

Prior to this role, Perry served as head of marketing, responsible for all marketing and communication initiatives, for ERA Real Estate, one of Realogy’s brands, with a goal of driving leads to affiliates, building brand awareness and delivering brand value. She led strategy development for key marketing initiatives including national advertising, event marketing, product and program marketing as well as PR and internal communications, all with the goal of fostering market share growth. Perry also led the execution of ERA Real Estate’s brand reimagining campaign, resulting in increased brand awareness and intent to recommend.

Before joining ERA, Perry served as director of marketing for Avis Budget Group, where she drove the organization’s marketing acquisition and retention strategy, culminating in the creation and launch of a new loyalty program for Avis. She began her career in publishing with positions at Time, Inc. and Scholastic, where she led the development of strategic partnerships, bringing new products to market, introducing product line extensions, and developing brand awareness.

Main Topics/Questions:

  • What keeps you excited about the real estate industry?
  • Who is Realogy? Its brands?
  • Realogy vs. ERA/sub-brand vs. broker vs. agent?
  • How does data hold brands and brokers accountable?
  • What is Realogy Leads Group?
  • How does Realogy use data as a competitive advantage?
  • Has data suggested different demographics need different things?
  • Belly-to-belly marketing in a Covid-era, how import is local?
  • How are brokers and agents using data?
  • Is hyperlocal marketing important?
  • What are examples of hyperlocal campaigns that may surprise people?
  • ERA talk in 2018: Creating a plan, working it, hold yourself accountable? How often are agents just wanting the easy button?
  • Marketing for buyer leads in an internet-first world?
  • What are the most effective strategies for connecting to potential sellers?
  • Is off-market real estate something more agents will tackle in 2021?
  • What social channels are working in 2021?
  • What should agents stop doing in 2021? What should they start?
  • How do you recommend measuring success online?
  • Has the buyer/seller preference journey changed due to Covid?
  • How do you measure brand preference?
  • What are your favorite metrics as a marketer?
  • What tools help automate and grow that agents are loving in 2021?
  • What data or information do you wish you had?
  • Realogy ibuyers program, RealSure and partnership with Homebuyers of America? Are more consumers expecting this kind of service?
  • Does data exist that suggest consumers prefer the ibuyer program with the local agent at the heard of the deal vs.the proptech-only approach?
  • What trends/opportunities are on the horizon?
  • What should we be watching in 2021? AARP? Turnkey? Opening other verticals?