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The Future of RE Transactions with Marnie Blanco, Dotloop

Join us Thursday, December 17 at 9 am PDT for the YouTube Premiere of this episode of the Data Driven Real Estate Podcast and chat along with the PropertyRadar team:

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Marnie Blanco is a well-rounded executive leader with 22 years’ experience in Industry Relations, Business Development, Product Management, Product Marketing, Training, and Support with 17 years focused in the Real Estate vertical. Proven leadership and experience in strategic planning and execution of product development, management and marketing, project management, strategic partnership management, training delivery, system integration, systems architecture and implementation.

Main Topics/Questions:

  • What keeps you motivated to stay in real estate?
  • What is Dotloop?
  • Who uses it?
  • How does it work and what is the mission?
  • What is the future of transaction integrations?
  • What are the hurdles in the way?
  • Agents: love it or hate it?
  • What are the fears you hear when it comes to data collection?
  • With a new administration, are there any concerns about compliance with RESPA laws with vertical integration?
  • What opportunities have been discovered because of data?
  • Who typically makes tech stack decisions?
  • What are some of the new features that greatly speed up transactions?
  • Trends in integration?
  • Concept of ownership of a complete stack? Risks?
  • What are some of the technologies you’re excited about seeing in the next five years?
  • What is the secret to higher adoption of tech at the brokerage level? How does it build their business?
  • What does the data-driven pro look like in five years?