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Wall Street Hard Money, Homevestors and Real Estate Investing with Tim Herriage #DDRE5

For nearly two decades Tim Herriage has been on the leading edge of the Real Estate Investor space. This includes being the Founder of 2020 REI Group, Founder of B2R Finance (a Blackstone Company), Founder of the REI Expo, and a Franchisee and Development Agent for HomeVestors® of America. Through his ownership in various companies, Tim aggressively invests in single-family houses, primarily in the North Texas area. Tim has completed well over $1 Billion in real estate investment transactions, including the acquisition of more than 1,300 houses.

  • Who did you get started in real estate?
  • Why did real estate stick?
  • What does it mean to be a serial entrepreneur?
  • HomeVestors –
    • Still involved with the brand?
    • Fasthomeoffers, webuyhouses, Sundae
    • How does the franchise model work?
    • Markets are really different. Media costs in LA vs the Inland Empire wildly different
    • HomeVestors never left the outbound marking channels, do they still work? (billboards, TV, radio, direct mail)
    • What works and what doesn’t?
    • What does it take to be a great franchisee and how would someone know if it’s right for them
    • What are some of the things you learned working for the brand?
  • REI Expo?
    • What made you get into the education space?
  • How did you end up in hard money?
    • Journey with Wall Street
    • Why did Wall Street get into the space?
    • Are they hear to stay?
    • What are the mistakes they made?
    • What can Main Street investors and hard money lenders learn?
    • How do they compete?
  • How is the Texas market?
    • One of top destination markets according to John Burns and many reports coming out. Sustainable?
    • How has Covid impacted real estate in Texas?
    • Do you only invest in Texas?
  • What now? Next?
  • Any exciting trends you see in the space?
  • Who helps you stay data driven? Sites? Books?
  • Automation in business. You’re a tech guy, let’s talk systems.

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