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The Importance of Brand and Investor Trends with David Hicks, CEO of HomeVestors #ddre17

Join us Thursday, October 22 at 9 am PDT for the YouTube Premiere of this episode of the Data Driven Real Estate Podcast and chat along with the PropertyRadar team:

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David Hicks is CEO of Dallas-based HomeVestors of America, Inc., the largest professional house buying franchise in the U.S. with more than 105,000 houses bought since 1996. He joined HomeVestors in 2005 as Director of Franchise Systems and developed a process for coaching franchisees. From 2006-2009, he coordinated franchisee support as VP of operations. In January 2009, he became co-president of the company and was named CEO in 2017. The company now has 1,100 franchisees nationwide. This week, David helps explore how Covid has impacted real estate investors, how HomeVestors leverages massive data to advertising and marketing success, how Realtors and investors benefit from working together, and how ibuyers are not a true competitor.

Main Topics/Questions:

  • How did you get into the real estate business?
  • How did We Buy Ugly Houses begin?
  • David brought in as head of franchising in 2005.
  • Building a brand and expanding nationwide?
  • When did HomeVestors launch?
  • What does a franchise work?
  • Who makes a good a good franchisee?
  • Have you been approached by ibuyers to either buy your properties or sell you the ugly ones?
  • The institutional investors vs ibuyers
  • What does the future of the investor space look like?
  • How different is the marketing mix for your different markets?
  • What are some of the unique trends you’re seeing because of Covid?



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