Working With Realtors

We’re?investors in Massachusetts and woujld?like to find a couple of realtors we could work with in exchange for referring potential listings,?but don’t know the realtor end of the business. Can and do realtors accept listings anywhere in the state where they do business? Or only in the towns surrounding their office? Do large firm with lots of offices (e.g., Century 21) have rules about where their agents can accept listings? Are there hard and fast rules or just customs and practices? We would prefer to send all of our referrals to only a few different realtors, but? don’t know if that’s possible or feasible. Any help would be appreciated.

I was raised in Mass but now live in Florida and work with Century 21 in Tallahassee. It is best to find a good real estate agent in each area that you property. Realtors should have access to local market data and will need to know current market conditions and be able to easily access the property. These conditions are the bare minimums for being able to serve you.

I agree with dpeeples. You’ll lose more in mistakes with out of the market Realtor’s then you’ll save in time by working with fewer. I regularly see Realtors working properties as little as an hour away making significant mistakes. The internet has brought a lot of data to our fingertips, but it hasn’t come close to replacing strong local market knowledge from the best professionals.